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Sunset Rink Routes 11 & 15 Shamokin Dam is located in central Pennsylvania, approx. 50 miles
north of Harrisburg and 1 mile north of Selinsgrove.  Sunset Rink opened it's doors for the first time in
October, 1980.  The rink is very clean and well maintained.  The main floor is oval with a polyurethane
coat and is approx. 168 feet long by 72 feet wide.  The mini rink for beginners and tots is also oval with
a polyurethane coat and is approx. 68 feet long by 42 feet wide.  We rent out regular, speed and inline
skates.  We have one of the largest selection of music within the central and eastern part of Pa.  The
rink is 100% air conditioned with multiple lighting effects.  Our snack bar has a wide selection of hot
foods, soft and hard ice cream in multiple flavors and your ordinary everyday chips, candy bars, water
ice and more.  We also sell new skate packages (dance, speed and in-lines) as well as individual boots, wheels, plates, toe stops and much more. 


Skate Mates

The rental fee for Skate Mates is:


Saturday  Morning...  $2.00

Saturday & Sunday Afternoon...  $3.00

Friday, Saturday & Wednesday Evenings...  $2.00


The rental fee during private parties, is determined by

the length of the party.


Our skate mates come in several sizes, depending on the

height of the child.


When renting the skate mate, you can retain it for the entire session


SORRY, there is no refund on the return of the skate mate

if returned before the session is over.


Renting the skate mate can be done from the ticket person in our office. You will be given a token, upon which you give to an employee at our skate rental counter and receive the skate mate.


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