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Birthday Parties

1. The  inital package is for 12 people (birthday child and 11 guests). Each person gets free admission and regular skate rental. Speed

    skates and inline skate rentals are extra. When booking your party, you may choose our ice cream package, pizza package or "deluxe

    party package". With the deluxe package, 1 slice of pizza, small party soda and a dish of ice cream is served to birthday child and guests               

           a. Birthday child can choose a favorite song to be played just for them.

           b. Birthday child will receive "1 free pass" for a return visit. You"ll receive 2 passes with the deluxe package.

           c. Birthday child will receive "1 free glow stick".

           d. The package can be scheduled for any open skating session. Depending upon the number of guests attending the package, you                             may book a double package or pay for additional guests at the rate listed below.

2. Since there may be several parties being held during the same skating session, please realize we serve the food in accordance with the       order that the parties are scheduled. Some parties will be served in the early part of the session, while others will be announced later in       the session. Please plan your party accordingly. If you are last on the list, possibly you may want to open gifts first. Our snack bar     

     attendants  strive to serve everyone just as quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated!!               

3. Cake or any type of baked goods is permitted, Along with light snacks like pretzels and chips. Also veggie or fruit tray.

      No crock pots or major food items. We sell pitchers of soda for $3.50. Extra pizza and fresh popcorn.

4. The person in charge of the party may enter the building on the day of the party, 15 mins. before the skating session to pick up tickets

     and find the location of the party table. You may bring balloons and tablecloths. Guests must wait outside until the session begins.

     When the front door is unlocked, they enter with their party ticket. They will receive a skate token at this time.

     Please inform your guests of this, particularly during cold winter months or in case of  inclement weather.

5. We'd prefer that you wait until the day of the party to get your tickets and pay for the package. It makes it easier for everyone

     should you need to cancel. But if you feel you need to pick up your tickets in advance you may, only you MUST pay for the initial

     package at this time.

6. We do sell a wide variety of glow and novelty items for party favors.



Saturday morning

10 to 12 noon


Ice cream or pizza Pkg.



$8.25 each additional

Deluxe Pkg. (drink, pizza & ice cream)



$10.00 each additional


Saturday & Sunday afternoon

1:00 to 4 pm either day


Ice cream or pizza pkg.




$12.75 each additional

Deluxe Pkg. (drink, pizza & ice cream




$14.25 each additional

Friday & Saturday evenings

6:30 to 9 pm either day


Ice cream or pizza pkg.




$13.75 each additional

Deluxe Pkg. (drink, pizza & ice cream




$15.25 each additional

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